Water Damage

We have experience working in residential areas and in all types of commercial environments, including manufacturing areas, warehouses, healthcare facilities, hotels and office areas with our water & flood damage restoration services.

Our Water & Flood Restoration Process:

  • Cleaning and organizing of all content.
  • Bill your insurance.
  • Complete structural drying.
  • Inspection and Assessment
  • Discuss priority areas and needs with the consumer
  • Removal of “at risk” items to reduce consequential loss
  • Water removal and extraction
  • Anti-Microbial application
  • Set up of a controlled drying system
  • Regular monitoring and review of drying
  • Mold, odor and corrosion control
  • Identification of obvious pre-existing damp areas
  • Target drying where appropriate
  • Provision of drying charts and certification
  • Hauling away of debris
  • Completion of comprehensive report for your insurance company so that the claim can be handled quickly.
  • Carpet cleaning or carpet extraction and replacement
  • Hardwood floor drying
  • Wall/cabinet drying
  • Book and document drying (our facility has a document drying chamber for the restoration of sensitive or irreplaceable documents).